Wrought Iron | Wrought iron hooks, knobs, pulls, hinges

Wrought Iron

Live better, with strong, unique, lasting beauty

Wrought iron latches

Wrought Iron Latches

Wrought iron latches are hand-crafted using traditional methods by blacksmiths in our New England forge. Solid construction and elegantly designed for authentic Colonial or Country style.

Wrough Iron hinges

Wrought Iron Hinges

Wrought iron is a very durable and attractive material that can be used to add appeal to your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Wrought Iron  Hinges can be a perfect way to add some period-style to your old or new cabinet doors.

Wrought iron curtain hardware

Wrought Iron Curtain Hardware

Wrought iron curtain rods and tiebacks will enhance your home with the quality, beauty & durability of handcrafted Black Wrought Iron.  

Wrought iron hooks

Wrought Iron Hooks

Wrought iron hooks are popular in entryways for coats or on bathroom doors for towels and robes. Getting organized is easy with several hooks to hang side-by-side.