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Wrought Iron Offset Bean Pintle Hinge 25 inch Wrought Iron Offset Bean Pintle Hinge 25 inch

Wrought Iron Offset Bean Pintle Hinge 25 inch

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This Wrought Iron Offset Bean Pintle Hinge, will add some Colonial and Country period-style to your home's shutters or doors...and a textured surface-mount hinge like this one, can also be a useful and beautiful detail on a gate. The pintle is attached to a plate allowing you to easily mount your hinge, and the accompanying strap has a round barrel which can be removed from the pintle plate, that makes removing doors or shutters very easy to manage.

Handcrafted of quality, strong Wrought Iron, this Bean Hinge will be a great period-style detail for adding some Country or Colonial charm to your home. We add a durable, black protective finish which will allow you to enjoy your hinge for many years.

Overall width of this Pintle Hinge with the barrel attached, measures 25 inches,(the strap itself measuring 24 inches wide). Overall the hinge's height including the barrel, is 4 inches. It has a 2-1/2 inch overall projection. (See our 'Measurement Table' below for a complete list of all of this hinge's dimensions). This Wrought Iron Offset Pintle Hinge is sold individually, and all mounting hardware is included.

  • This Pintle Hinge is handcrafted of durable, lasting materials
  • Wrought Iron is decorative, as well as strong and enduring
  • With this Pintle Hinge you can easily add some Country or Colonial period-style to your home
  • Protective black finish, that will maintain its beautiful texture for many years
  • This Surface Mount Pintle Hinge can be used on shutters or doors
  • The Strap can be separated from the pintle hinge plate
  • The Pintle design allows for easy removal of shutters, gates, and doors
  • This Pintle Hinge measures 25 inch W (overall) x 8-1/8 inches H overall (Pintle Plate plus barrel) x 2-1/2 inch projection
  • See the 'Measurement Table' below for a complete list of dimensions
  • Sold individually, with all mounting screws included
  • Full Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Wrought Iron Offset Bean Pintle Hinge Measurements:
Pintle Plate height: 8-1/8 inches
Pintle Plate width: 4-1/8 inches
Pintle Plate thickness: 1/4 inch
Pintle Pin height: 4 inches
Pintle Pin diameter: 3/8 inch
Pintle projection: 2-1/2 inches

Strap height: 4 inches
Strap width with barrel: 25 inches
Strap width with barrel: 24 inches
Strap thickness: 1/8 inch
Strap barrel opening diameter: 7/8 inch
Offset: Yes, 1/2 inch from center of pintle pin eye

Hardware included:
Strap screw included: 4 screws
Pintle screws: 8 screws


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