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Iron Door Knockers | Unique Doorknockers For Sale

Add instant curb appeal to your home with iron door knockers and traditional door hardware.

Shop a variety of rustic iron door knocker styles, including black cast iron door knockers, antique door knockers, lion's head door knockers, dragonfly door knockers, pineapple door knocker, eagle door knockers, woodpecker door knockers and more unique iron door knockers.

    Iron Door Knockers

    Step-up your curb appeal & add value to your home with finishing touches like an iron door knocker. Once a sign of their homeowner’s profession, door knockers now come in a variety of designs & finishes for everyone’s style.

    Made of 100% black cast iron with a baked-on protective powder coat finish for years of functional beauty.

    “Our first encounter of any interior is the result of our entrance into it, a movement from outside to inside” - Stanley Abercrombie