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Wrought Iron Decor | Decorative Hardware Styles

    Wrought Iron Decor | Decorative Hardware Styles

    Wrought Iron : Decorative Hardware Styles

    Wrought Iron has become a common element of modern interior and exterior designing. You can find it being used abundantly in the selection of hardware being applied to furniture, cabinetry, as well as on garden gates & doors. Wrought Iron is often chosen for it's strength & durability, as well as for it's versatile style. It has long been used as a material, because of the characteristics it possess'... which represent the strength, function, & durability; of an earlier time; when products were considered well-made, lasting, & durable; which is evident in the look and feel of products fabricated from wrought iron.

    Wrought Iron Decorative Hardware - Styles Defined

    Craftsman-Style - also known as 'Mission' or Arts & Crafts Period is usually recognizable by it's distinctive design, involving the use of square or rectangular plates which the 'pulls', handles, or knobs are attached to. These in turn are what mount the hardware to the cabinet or furniture. Details that distinguish this style from others are, square cutouts in the metal, which are a hallmark of the craftsman style, a hammered surface of the antique-style iron & other metal finishes. An example of a popular reproduction of the craftsman period which is often emulated in the design of modern kitchen and bathroom cabinets & furniture, is referred to as "Stickley". Gustav Stickley was a well-known maker of furniture in the late 18th to the early 19th centuries. His furniture was made mainly of oak, and this is generally the wood that is used in reproducing this style today.The hardware terms being used today to re-create craftsman-style, include: 'bin pulls', 'birdcage', 'bungalow-style', 'mission-style', 'arts & crafts-style'. Southwestern-style, is also considered to be included in this category of hardware, since furniture & cabinetry in that area is often seen adorned with these elements.

    Colonial & Country Style - This style includes some of the earliest designs in America, inspired by ones that were being used in England; at the time when the 1st settlers of this country came here. Wrought iron was hand-forged into different practical & useful elements that were needed by the people of that time Later, these items were fabricated to reflect the changes in style; that the more affluent people who immigrated here were demanding.

    French Country-Style - Inspired by French countryside, and it's rustic character and charm, captured in old French farmhouses and country homes. Hardware styles can be elegant, as the types found in a French country estate, or it more casual, such as seen in a simple French cottage. Many homes are decorated in this very popular style.

    Spanish-Style Villa - Spanish-style architecture with it's arches, wooden beams, carved doors, & columns & pillars, usually also utilize a large amount of rustic elements fabricated of wrought iron, that enhance the materials being used in the construction. Some of these include; stone, marble, stucco, and tile. The hardware used to re-create this style, often contained elements such as crosses & door & window appointments, as well as being used for cabinets, and handles & accessories for exterior gate hinges or latches.

    Victorian-Style - Furniture & cabinetry styles of Victorian era are known for being highly embellished, with ornate carvings & a distinctly feminine character. The wood was most often of Mahogany, oak, or walnut & was usually stained dark. Furniture had marble or 'marbleized' tops, (faux painted wood, designed to look like marble); were popular designs of the Victorian era. Stained glass, oriental rugs, lace, as well as velvet upholstery & fabrics; adorned & enhanced Victorian homes during this time of opulence & formality.

    Shaker-Style - Known for it's simplicity of design, quality, & innovative joinery, with an emphasis on being functional; Shaker styles, were based on the Shaker's simple, uncomplicated, lifestyle and their strong, devout, religious beliefs. Although originally designed for their own use, the furniture and accessories of the Shaker era; became extremely popular, and were eventually made available for sale to the public. Wrought Iron accessories, such as latches, hinges, and other implements; were used only whenever necessary for a piece to function. These too, were also inspired by their simple designs.

    Rustic- Style - Enter a log cabin or home, and you will be struck by the comfortable feel, warmth, & character, that surrounds you. With the abundance of wood, both in the structure, furniture, & accessories...wrought iron can usually be found being used to enhance the overall look and functionality of a kitchen, bathroom, or of really any room of this popular style. Lighting & decor inspired by nature & wildlife, such as; moose, deer, & bear; are often seen scattered around the home. Hanging wall art, or functional accessories; like, door handles, cabinet pulls, or other purely decorative items; including, candlesticks & sconces; are popular choices as well.Wrought Iron Furniture HardwareHandles & pulls, legs & feet, as well as many types of decorative embellishments, made of wrought iron; are a popular choice for many styles of furniture both old & 'new'. Many manufacturers realize that many trends in present day furniture styles, gravitate towards older and antique varieties; such as . This means that you have a wide variety of options, whether you are looking for a new idea for a theme to decorate a single room, or to add to an existing one. There are also many decorators and do-it-yourself renovators, who actually spend hours of time and effort; locating authentic antique hardware to complete a home restoration project.

    Wrought Iron Cabinetry Hardware

    When choosing hardware for your kitchen or bathroom, there are many types and styles of wrought iron to choose from. Antique varieties usually encompass traditional designs such as: craftsman, colonial & country, Victorian, rustic, & even ones that are medieval-inspired. There are other design options as well, such as: contemporary, Asian-influence, french country, southwestern, & Spanish villa.

    Wrought Iron Hardware - Style Terms

    The styles for furniture & cabinetry hardware were given names according to their shapes, such as: 'Bean' - a rounded end, which included a hole for attaching it to a door, cabinet or piece of furniture. 'Spade' - a pointed end, which also included a hole for attaching it to a door, cabinet or piece of furniture.'Heart' - similar to the spade, more rounded at the end 'Fleur de Lis' - french for 'flower', a design that was also popular for 'coats of arms' & family crests.