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Wrought Iron eBook | A Handbook Of Art Smithing Wrought Iron eBook | A Handbook Of Art Smithing

Wrought Iron eBook | A Handbook Of Art Smithing

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A Handbook Of Art Smithing written in 1896; concentrates on the use, technology, and composition of wrought iron & other metals.  Also discussed are the tools, methods, & workmanship involved; as well as the history and scope of the blacksmith from the earliest origins until the book was written and published.As the craft of blacksmithing evolved from the making of purely useful and functional wrought iron objects for everyday use, it became a means of artistic expression and decoration; taking ordinary objects to the highest level of ornamentation.  Also mentioned  in this compilation of topics regarding the development of artistic blacksmithing through the ages, are: descriptions of various historical periods, as well as a vast collection of illustrations; depicting the fashionable design elements of the time. Also included is a supplemental table of weights and measures, translated into English from the original German version.


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