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Wrought Iron Forging

    Wrought Iron Forging

    wrought iron forging colors

    Wrought Iron Forging

    Because wrought iron is not a good conductor of heat it provides a number of advantages to the blacksmith.One end of a piece of wrought iron stock can be heated to forging temperature while the other end will remain relatively cool. Also due to the low heat conductivity of wrought iron the heated part will stay hot for a longer period of time.

    Wrought Iron Color Temperature Indication

    The most common way for blacksmiths to determine when the wrought iron has reached forging temperature is by observing the color changes that occur when the wrought iron is heated.When forging wrought iron, it is important be able to see color changes in the metal as this is the primary indicator of when the wrought iron is hot enough to work with and not yet hot enough to overheat or burn the iron. For this reason, when you place a piece of wrought iron into a forge to be heated it should be placed horizontally on top of the center of the coals, rather than in the coals in order for you to be able to readily see the color changes as they occur. All sides of the wrought iron piece should be heated evenly.

    Wrought Iron Forging Temperature

    Wrought iron forging is most effective when the iron has reached 2100° Fahrenheit (1149° Celsius),at this temperature the wrought iron will have a yellow appearance. At only a few hundred degrees hotter than the ideal of 2100° F the wrought iron will appear white, and you will begin to burn the wrought iron. However, many basic wrought iron forging techniques can be performed at lower temperatures. the bending of wrought iron can be accomplished when the wrought iron appears red in color at about 1400° Fahrenheit(760° Celsius). All other basic wrought iron forging techniques can be accomplished when the wrought iron reaches a bright orange color at about 1800° Fahrenheit(982° Celsius).